Gamma PGA Serum


Shows outstanding water absorption ability up to approximately 5,000 times of its weight. It also improves the skin firmness and smoothes fine lines. It forms a weightless film on the skin surface so as to lock in skin moisture, increase elasticity of the skin as well as smooth out the depth of wrinkles and lines.

纳豆萃取 – PGA是由谷氨酸所组成,它吸收水分的能力高达自身重量的5000倍。因能促使NMF (天然保湿因子) 的产生,所以能从皮肤内层保湿。组成薄层保持水份,有助于加强表皮的防水膜,增加皮肤的弹性,抚平细纹。是天然纳豆发酵后,经由γ线照射干燥所制成,同时具有「玻尿酸」的锁水效果及「胶原蛋白」的抗老化功效。



After cleansing, apply a thin layer over face and gently massage until it is fully absorbed. For best results, use twice daily.

30 ml  –  Normal, Dry & Mature Skin / Day & Night